As Darkness Falls

Ocean_Beach-686 There is a creative voice inside every artist that guides us to create the work we do. I find that often I don't honor that voice and instead I worry about work that I "should be" making. This year I promise to listen to that voice, to that intuition and see where it leads me. I've been asking myself what inspires me, what do I love shooting? Nature is one of my favorite subject matters. Especially the sea with all her many moods and faces. I think of the seashore as a representation of what it means to be human. There are days when the waves pound the shore with so much force it feels as if the entire beach will be carried away in the turbulent waters. Then there are days when the ocean lazily washes her water onto land almost as an invitation to come and play. There are days the sunsets are filled with the colors of peaches and tangerines and days of steely blue skies filled with menace. I love these cold steely sunsets as much as the others. I find them beautiful for all their mystery. The blue hours are my favorite time of day. It's those moments when the world is shrouded in hues of blue. I feel they are a prelude to what is to come with the next sunrise.