Welcome to my new website .....

Phew!  It's almost the end of July!  Where does time go? 

Well as it turns out for the last few months I have been working with the lovely folks at Wonderful Machine.  If you haven't heard of Wonderful Machine consider this your official introduction. They offer all sorts of useful services for photographers and everyone else involved in the industry... some of their magic is in the branding and marketing arena.  They have a whole team of folks to help you get your S*&t together as a photographer  (marketing, photo editors, graphic designers)!  I cannot say enough about the awesome people that work at WM.  I began working with them early in the year and have been beyond impressed with their talent and professionalism.  The are responsive, creative, talented and most importantly just down right fun to work with!

For most photographers the idea of doing an "edit" of any sort sounds about as fun as sitting still through a dental cleaning (or maybe that's just me).   At the beginning of the year I was bound and determined to get a new website edit done and decided to check out WM. I had attempted to work with photo editors on two separate occasions and wasn't totally thrilled with their attempts at editing my work.  They just always seemed to miss the mark.  So I was very hesitant to have yet another person take a stab at it.  I finally found my photo editor match at WM ! I worked with Stacy Swiderski and she nailed it on the first try ( Stacy if you read this you are officially my photo editing guru!) I I don't know how she did it but she managed to do what two other people hadn't really been able to do properly.    The best part was she did it quickly and efficiently.  She listened diligently to my droning about bad past experiences and the "feeling" of my work.  It all payed off and resulted in and awesome web edit for this snazzy new website!

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! Enjoy


If you are a photographer in need of someone to help you get your butt in gear... talk to these amazing people!