There are lots of tiny people in the desert ....

Do you ever have one of those travel destinations in your mind that is almost mythical?  It's like you've seen it a million times over the years in peoples pictures and have always wanted to go but it just always seems out of reach.  That has always been Death Valley for me.   Close enough to drive to but just far enough away that it takes some effort - combine the distance with the extreme weather and the window of opportunity to visit can seem kind of slim (unless you are the type that is into hiking in 105 degree weather)

Before I went I felt like I had seen a million pictures DV but now I feel like I haven't seen any pictures of it at the same time.  I've been pondering this for the last few months trying to figure out why that is.   I've concluded that it is because DV really looms so much larger than any photo could possible ever capture.   I was there for 2 days and left feeling disappointed because I felt as though none of my images really capture the magic of that place.  


I've been to the desert before (my last post was about the desert in Baja) but DV is a special place.  Even after visiting I still can't wrap my mind around the size of the land and how small I felt when I was there.    There were a lot of tiny people in Death Valley!