It's 98 Degrees!! No, not the boy band - Beyond Granada

A couple of days in Granada and it was time to head to my favorite place.. THE BEACH!  It's hot in Granada.. I love heat.. so when I say it was hot you know it was stifling hot.  It was time to be rescued by a cool ocean breeze and some surfing fun in San Juan Del Sur (SJDS) !  I'll warn you in advance that I did not take any surfing photos (you try shooting after 4 hours of surfing and see how motivated you are)

SJDS is your quintessential surf town filled with lots of surfers and yogis and a fair share of expats. This is not the best place if you are looking for an authentic Nicaraguan cultural experience.  It's a great place to enjoy a few days surfing your face off or just laying by the beach at one of their many wonderful beaches.  A great place for a lazy few days.   When you aren't being lazy head out and explore the town on foot and make sure to wear some sunblock!