My Dream House in Sonoma!

This past summer I had the pleasure of photographing my dream house!   Well it wasn't actually MINE but a girl can dream.   The project was shot in the Alexander Valley area of Sonoma and is the work of the design team at MAS Design located in Oakland, CA.   

I asked Dawn Carlson of MAS design what their inspiration was for the space... their goal Organic Modern.

This project is near and dear to our hearts.  We worked with fantastic clients whose primary residences are in San Francisco and Tokyo.  Their vacation home is in a stunning part of the world, Sonoma County, and the home has incredible architecture and even more impressive views. 

Although the clients’ tastes are typically uber modern, we all agreed that the natural setting and views should be showcased above all else.  The organic world would be our inspiration, and although we always infuse an element of surprise into our designs, the focus here should rather be about subtlety and textures that would complement and showcase the natural surroundings. 

Our choices were either inspired by nature, or in stark juxtaposition with it.  We love the tension created by a strong juxtaposition (such as lucite and natural stone, for example).

The client had one great request:  That we find items with a story.  Don’t just create a beautiful/vapid space, but something that would also have meaning. The jumping off point was the pendant lighting over the kitchen island, which are a rare find.  They were once Indonesian water backpacks, converted into pendant lighting. There are a lot of special moments like this throughout the design.

From there we just kept with the theme, which we’re calling “Organic Modern”.  Chic, nature-inspired textures, strong juxtapositions, neutral hues, and the Japanese concept of “wabi sabi”, or perfect imperfection.  There was no shortage of inspiration.

                                                                        Dawn Carlson, MAS Design

The MAS Design team had some very clear design goals for the space and our goal was to make sure those were captured beautifully.  I always want my images to feel like you are in the room.  The viewer should get to experience the warm sun filtering through the curtains or the long shadows that cast along the wooden floor.   This is of course a bit of a balancing act because I also want to capture the details of each room accurately.  Additionally,  for this project it was essential to capture no only the design elements inside but also bring the outdoor into the mix as well.  No where is this more evident than in the kitchen.... who wouldn't want to cook in here???  Pasta Anyone?

This house was a dream to work with in terms of lighting!   I don't think I had to mutter the words " I need more light" a single time.  I really love all the images that we captured that day but my favorite of them all is the dining room.  I love the richness and silky, creamy feel of the lighting.  I can imagine sitting down to the table with some good friends and a nice bottle of wine and watching those long shadows move across the wall until they disappear as the sun sets across the valley. 

After watching the sun go down and would kick my friend so I could go relax in this amazingly serene master bedroom and bath?  Can't you just picture the cold beer or glass of wine on the edge of the tub? 

Ok! enough day dreaming... back to work!  I've been working with MAS Design for a few years now and each project just gets better and better.  We both agree that this has been our favorite butI have no doubt that they will continue to wow me with their designs! 

If you just can't get enough and would like to see more images from this awesome house check out the Houzz feature at the following link: Organic Modern


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