It's 98 Degrees!! No, not the boy band - Beyond Granada

A couple of days in Granada and it was time to head to my favorite place.. THE BEACH!  It's hot in Granada.. I love heat.. so when I say it was hot you know it was stifling hot.  It was time to be rescued by a cool ocean breeze and some surfing fun in San Juan Del Sur (SJDS) !  I'll warn you in advance that I did not take any surfing photos (you try shooting after 4 hours of surfing and see how motivated you are)

SJDS is your quintessential surf town filled with lots of surfers and yogis and a fair share of expats. This is not the best place if you are looking for an authentic Nicaraguan cultural experience.  It's a great place to enjoy a few days surfing your face off or just laying by the beach at one of their many wonderful beaches.  A great place for a lazy few days.   When you aren't being lazy head out and explore the town on foot and make sure to wear some sunblock!


Desert Magic in La Guajira

Colombia is a magical country.  It has so much to offer any traveler;  jungles, cities, snow capped mountains,  architectural gems and amazing food!.  I recently spent 6 weeks traveling in this wonderful place. Colombia is my birthplace and this was my first time visiting since leaving when I was about 2 years old! 

When initially started researching my trip my mother told me of a region called La Guajira…. A quick search on Google produced an array of stunning images of this desert region.   I was hooked.   I knew that I would hit all the usual suspects like Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena during my visit but La Guajira would be the crown jewel of my trip.   Perhaps I was drawn by it’s remoteness and stark beauty.    I had to get there.

While staying a hostel near Tayrona Park I met two fellow travelers; a Frenchman and a Dutchman.  We had all read about the fabled La Guajira (I suspect that Lonely Planet had a hand in that).  We quickly decided that we would make the journey together.  So we departed early on a Friday morning not quite sure how to arrive to the Northern most tip of South America.   Getting there is probably just as you imagine it in your minds eye…. There was a bus, a cab and a 4wd vehicle involved and 8 hours of bumpy, dusty, hot roads.    The final destination was worth ever bit of effort.

La Guajira is a travelers dream. It’s the kind of place that reminds you of why you travel. There is open sky as far as the eye can see. The colors of the golden sand set against the jewel tones of it’s salty sea form an impossible contrast. As you drive through it’s expansive landscape you see small house used by the native Wayuu people. Their colorful dresses dot the landscape like desert flowers. Wayuu Children are so curious about strangers.  The set up “candy” Road blocks for your car as you travel through the desert.


The northern most point of the region, Punta Gallinas, is a place where giant sand dunes lead to warm aqua blue ocean waters. Bring some cardboard and you could slide down the dunes right into the ocean!


This place is for a certain kind of traveler…. if you like the idea of sitting undisturbed with nothing but the blue ocean and a good book while eating fresh caught lobster…. this is the kind of place you will enjoy. It truly is the end of the earth.


Night swimming

I've randomly been working on more fine art oriented surf images. I'm really interested in the relationship between surfers and their surroundings/landscape/seascape. The combination of the late evening light and the wetsuit covered surfer take on a very different quality. I feel there is a poetic elegance as well as another world feeling to some of the images I've captured.