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In today's competitive market , professional photography is one of the most important investments you can make in your business.  I work to capture the style and vision of each business and my goal is to create images that my client will love!   I believe imagery should be rich, luxurious and emotional.

How I work

  1. Walk Through - When you book a full day or half day session we will schedule a time for us to visit the property together and develop a shot list and discuss any lighting, styling or other special concerns. During this time I give you suggestions on how we can make the shots look their very best. It may involve suggestions on moving furniture around, adding flowers or choosing angles. Editorial sessions do not include a walk-through

  • Shoot day - Time for the magic to happen! My process is extremely detailed oriented with the end goal of creating a spectacular image of your designs. During the day of our shoot I will be capturing the images directly to my computer so you can see the images as we are taking them and we can make adjustments immediately and you will be able to see a very close approximation of the final shot immediately. It isn’t uncommon for it to take up to an hour to set-up a hero shot and adjust all the styling. Patience and attention to detail are my mantra during this phase.

  • Proofs - After we complete the shoot you will get Jpeg proofs. My fee covers a complimentary round of basic editing after I send your proofs. Basic editing consists of color adjustments, removal of outlets, contrast etc. Advanced photo editing requests must be made during the walk through session and may incur an additional charge. Advanced photo editing would include changing out the scenes in window, changing skies , adding pieces of furniture etc.

  • Final Files - I will deliver final files via WeTransfer. The files will be High Resolution files that you may use for all your marketing needs. If you require additional types of files please mention this during the walk-through.


  • Full Day Rate - $2500 - This is best more than 2 large rooms or approximately 8-10 hours of time

  • Half Day Rate - $1000 - This is best for about 2 full rooms or approximately 4-5 hours of time

  • Editorial Rate - $500 - This is best for 1 full size room and no more than 2.5 hours of time. Editorial rates may incur an additional travel fee depending on your location.

Rates include:

  • Scout day prior to the shoot day for half days and full day bookings

  • Photography fee

  • Assistant fee (if needed)

  • Supplemental lighting

  • Basic post production (color correction, contrast etc)

  • Hi-Rez Final File Delivery

  • Usage is for non exclusive, non commercial purposes and does not cover third party usage.



The rates quoted above are a general guideline - some homes may take more or less time

depending on the level of design, number of rooms and creative direction

If your needs don’t fall neatly into the categories above  please let me know

and I’m happy to discuss alternatives!

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